3F8818-2B Three Setting ABS Shower Head Set with holder and hose for Bathroom

Every bathroom needs a good shower head set. It not only enhances the functionality of the bathroom but also ensures the user’s comfort and satisfaction. A handheld shower head set is a particularly useful addition as it provides flexibility and allows the user to shower in a convenient position. In this article, we will be discussing a three-function handheld shower head set that comes with a button switch functionality, a fixed bracket, and a flexible hose.

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Style Shower Head Set
ITEM No. 3F8818-2B  Set
Product Description ABS Three function shower Head Set
Material ABS
Handheld Shower Head 3F8818  ( 3 function)
Bracket HD-2B ( ABS ,optional color )
Hose 1.5M (59 inch) stainless steel double lock flexible shower hose
Surface Process Chromed (More Options: Matt Black /Gold Color )
Packing white box (More Options: Double blister package/customized color box )
Nozzle on shower head TPE
Department Port Ningbo ,Shanghai
Certificate /

product detail

1. Versatility
The first benefit of a three-function handheld shower head set is its versatility. It offers three different shower functions - fixed, handheld, and mist spray - which means you can use it according to your preference or need. The fixed function allows you to install the shower head on a wall while the handheld function allows you to hold and position it as needed. The mist spray function is perfect for rinsing or cleaning specific body parts.

2. Convenience
The button switch functionality adds to the convenience of the shower head set. With this feature, you can easily switch between the different functions without any fuss. This is particularly useful when you're in a hurry or when you want to change functions mid-shower. The fixed bracket and soft hose make it easy to store the handheld shower head when not in use, resulting in less clutter in the bathroom.

3. Comfort
The handheld shower head set provides exceptional comfort during showers. The soft hose and ergonomic handle make it easy to hold and use, while the different spray settings allow you to adjust the intensity and type of spray according to your preference. This adds to the overall shower experience and ensures that you feel fresh and rejuvenated after your shower.

4. Durability
A good handheld shower head set is made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability. This not only adds to its longevity but also ensures that it provides years of reliable service. The fixed bracket and hose should also be made from sturdy and waterproof materials to withstand regular use and exposure to water.

5. Efficiency
A three-function handheld shower head set is energy efficient. It uses less water and energy compared to traditional shower heads or separate handheld shower heads. This is because it combines multiple functions into one unit, reducing the amount of water used during each shower. This can help reduce your utility bills while also being environmentally friendly.

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